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As home energy use becomes an area of concern for more and more homeowners, many will consider replacing their old, builder-grade windows with new energy efficient ones. The exciting part is that new windows provide many more benefits than just increased energy efficiency.

The challenge for those selling replacement windows is two-fold. They must show homeowners that all replacement windows are not the same and “paint the value picture” on their benefit-rich, high-margin products. Additionally, they must show the customer why it is important to buy from their company and not the low-ball competitor.

Our sales training and consulting overcomes both of these challenges using methods specifically designed at the replacement window industry. This is not “one size fits all” sales training. We understand the replacement window business and its unique challenges. Everyone in our organization has outside sales experience, so we know firsthand that each industry, each product, and sometimes even each region require a slightly different approach to sales.

The ACT Group provides specialized sales training for professionals selling replacement windows to homeowners. Consulting is also available for dealers, wholesalers, and manufacturers of replacement windows.

Our specialty is teaching and motivating salespeople to focus on premium, high-margin products as solutions to customers concerns. Graduates of our training programs use a common-sense, consistent approach on every sales opportunity that results in higher average sales prices and improved closing ratios.

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